About us

About Tanawade's Smart Food

Food is one of our fundamental needs, undeniably & in today's hustle-bustle Tanwade's Smart Food is serving a solution that offers very less time consuming and lip-smacking, delicious & nutritious as homemade food all in one package with our ' food premixes'. Our company has been established in year of 2015.We are the manufacturer of 'ready to cook' category. Our team of process & packaging is seasoned & make sure that we can deliver the food products international standards. Extra emphasis is laid on packaging of products so that it reaches out to the customer in the best of best condition without losing taste, aroma & most importantly it's nutritious values. We manufacture varieties of food mixes from breakfast to dinner. We deal in bulk quantities of food mixes with hotels, fast food centres, resorts, restaurants, tours and travel companies, retailing in super markets.

Features of our Products:

Our instant food premixes provide you with more than one benefits. It is your time saviour, pleases with its everlasting taste, remains fresh for longer period of time, controls wastage, no use of preservatives or artificial colour. More over one of the excellent things is you don't need to be a master cook, anybody can make a dish out of these food premixes. For those who are worried about their children learning or working abroad can take breathe of relief. They can now easily get Indian, homemade and nutritious food just by adding some water and boiling it. A complete feasible way without even having to compromise there. Thus it is useful for working men and women, Hostilities foreign settled Indians, foreign going students and above all for those who know the value of time and taste. We have been successfully working in balancing out health quotient and taste along with time saving. You are just one step away from your favourite dish just a step as well as in a world where everything is smart this totally smart way with numerous benefits is all you need, We feed our customers with contentment and aim further to continue to do so.