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Shahi Shevai Kheer -50%
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Shahi Shevai Kheer

A meal without a dessert(Sweet dish) is a meal not enjoyed.Shevai Kheer(Vercimelli kheer) prepared with  Shevai/vermicelli is one of the most loved Maharashtrian desserts basically originated from Indian Subcontinent.It provides you with nutrients.You can have the  pleasure of savouring it with our 'Shevai Kheer Premix' with 'easy-to-make' way at any occasion.

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Puran Poli -50%
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Puran Poli

Puran poli is basically originated in Maharashtra but is most famous everywhere for its deliciousness. It is filled with goodness of Dal and vitamins. Making purn poli is one difficult task but we have made it easy and instant for you with our 'Puran Poli premix'.

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Besan Ladoo Mix -50%
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Besan Ladoo Mix

Besan Ladoo is a round dessert ball made with gram flour which is called besan in Hindi and hence the name Besan Ladoo. In Tanawade’s Smart Food Pack Flour is roasted and then sugar is added. Nuts and raisins can be added in the mix. In this Pack you just need to add ghee in the premix Make the Delicious ladoo for you and your loved once’s. Nuts and raisins can be added in the mix for better taste. Mostly Besan Ladoo are made during Diwali.

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Sheera -50%
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Sheera is a sweet Indian food common throughout the the country.It is  known as 'Keshari Bhat' in southern parts of India and 'Jannudula Halwa' in certain parts of North India. You can have the pleasure of savoring this delicious as well as nutritious dish  anytime with our 'Instant Sheera Mix'.

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Sabudana Kheer -50%
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Sabudana Kheer

An Creamy, Delicious & Thick Pudding made with Tapioca pearls, Some sweet is good for your Fasting days.

Our Sabudana Kheer is really easy and hassle free, Just add the Packet in the milk and cook it. Then enjoy your Sabudana Kheer.

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