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Aloo Masala Puri -30%
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Aloo Masala Puri

Aloo Masala Puri are very delicious and soft. It is mostly eaten for breakfast. Our 'Instant Aloo Masala Puri Mix' gives you a pleasure of eating Aloo Puri any day, any time within lesser time.

Aloo Masala Puri is made with smashed Potato /Batata as main ingredient in it mixed with spices, which is rolled out and cooked on a hot pan with butter or ghee. It is tasty as well as nutritious as it full of proteins and carbohydrates. Our pack has everything Potato flacks, Flour as well as added salt and spices. You just have to make parathas and serve them with ghee, curd or pickle.

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Aloo Paratha -30%
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Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is a popular Indian cuisine that is fondly savoured everywhere. It is mostly eaten for breakfast in the parts of northern states. Our 'Instant Aloo Paratha Mix' gives you a plaesure of eating Aloo Parathas anyday , any time within lesser time.

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Batata Vada -30%
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Batata Vada

Batata vada is a  lipsmacking dish that is core of maharashtrian cuisine. Our 'Batata Wada  Mix' is sure to leave you contented with its crunch and taste.  The items are produced under the visionary guidence of experts to meeet the desired preferences of our client.

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Besan Ladoo Mix -30%
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Besan Ladoo Mix

Besan Ladoo is a round dessert ball made with gram flour which is called besan in Hindi and hence the name Besan Ladoo. In Tanawade’s Smart Food Pack Flour is roasted and then sugar is added. Nuts and raisins can be added in the mix. In this Pack you just need to add ghee in the premix Make the Delicious ladoo for you and your loved once’s. Nuts and raisins can be added in the mix for better taste. Mostly Besan Ladoo are made during Diwali.

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Bhajiya -30%
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No matter what time of day it is, everyone is always up for Bhajiyas, also called as Pakodas. Bhajiya is fondly eaten snack originated from Indian subcontinent. They are perfect snack for cold, rainy day served with steaming hot tea or coffee. With our' Instant Bhajiya Mix' you can make crispy and tasty Bhajiyas any day in lesser time.

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Chakli Mix -30%
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Chakli Mix

Chakli is eaten everywhere in India. Its an Savory snack.Chakli is typically made from flours of ricebengal gram (brown chickpea) and black gram (urad daal). It has several variations, depending on the types and proportion of flours used. Now it very easy to make amazing Chakli with us.

Our Chakli Mix is Easy to make Just add hot oil and water and Shape Chakli and Deep Fry them.

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Dal Fry -30%
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Dal Fry

Dal fry is a spicy and delicious curry served with rice. It is originated in Indian subcontinent and is popular in the parts of North India. Our 'Dal fry Mix' gives you a pleasure of making your meal tasty and complete along with saving your time and work.

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Dhokla Mix -30%
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Dhokla Mix

Dhokla is a steamed delicacy originating from Gujrat, eaten as a snack or even for breakfast, its healthy: nutritious and low calories as it is steamed, usually made a with fermented batter made from gram flour or ground, legumes or rice similar to idly but a lot spongier. Our Dhokla Mix is totally hassle free to cook. Just add water to the mix and keep aside for some time and Steam it. Then cut equal Squares and add seasoned Mustard seeds, curry leaves , grated coconut. Serve hot with Green Chutney.

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Jira Rice -30%
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Jira Rice

Jeera Rice is a delicious Indian dish made up of rice and cumin seeds. It is popular in North India. You can prepare this tasty and healthy Jeera rice anytime within 5 minutes with our Jeera Rice premix. Jeera / cumin’s has its own distinctive flavor as well as number of health benefits like promoting digestion, improvement in blood cholesterol. Our authentic 'Jeera Rice Mix' pack includes all the ingredients and provides you with excellent quality Basmati Rice. You just have to add double water to the mix and cook well. It is prepared instantly and can be served with little ghee or dal fry.

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Malvani Vada -30%
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Malvani Vada

Malvani Vade is the dish originated from Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is a nutritious dish like Puri made by mixing 4 types of flours. These delish Malvani Vade make a good combination with malvani style scrumptious Chicken Curry. Our delectable Malvani Vada Mix will definitely take you to the western coastline of Maharashtra, and make you experience its authentic taste. It gets prepared instantly ,you just have to add some water to the Mix, make dough, roll and fry the vada. Our authentic Malvani Vada Mix contains added salt and spices.

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Masala Rice -30%
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Masala Rice

Masala rice / Spiced rice is typically an Indian cuisine originated from southern states of India.It is called 'neyita nuppu' in tulunad region and 'neyichor' in Malyalam. Every indian ocaasion is incomplete without  spicy and delicious Masala rice.Our ' Instant Masala Rice Mix' gives you a delight of savouring it in easier and quicker manner.

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Methi Masala Puri -30%
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Methi Masala Puri

Everyone loves to have Puri, Puris can be made from different nutritious vegetables and one of them is Methi (fenugreek) puri. The more delicious and nutritious version of this is our ' Methi  Masala Puri Mix' prepared with dehydration process.

Methi is full of healing properties for gastric problems, cholesterol and diabetes. In our Methi Puri ,all the ingredients from as basic as salt to dehydrated methi leaves, wheat flour, masalas are premixed. You only have to add water in this premix and prepare tasty and healthy Puries saving a lot of your time and work.

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